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Time to breathe easy?

I think I could possibly know as there is to know about Willow, she’s funny, caring, sensitive, she has a temper I’ve never seen matched by anyone..lol. She has love in her heart and her soul and she fights for the good guys without question. In the last few days, however, I’ve learnt so much more about her. Even at a younger age she was putting herself forward tirelessly to save the world, even ending up in hospital in a coma! She really always has been in the fray. I feel so special to have captured her heart and I’m not sure if she could ever know how precious she is to me.

Things have been pretty much getting back to normal round here, well as normal as things can be for two witches living on Hell Central. But you know what happens when you say things like that……

Willow had gone to pick up some supplies from the Magic Box, but not without many complaints about the impending whining of Anya. I think that those two are actually quite similar in nature. It may be a closely guarded secret but I actually like Anya quite alot – she never sugar coats the pill and she has a wonderful knack of making me laugh. She’s so peppy – I often wis…hmm let’s avoid that word… I often would like to be more like her. More forward, straight to the point. She likes to kick up storm for her own amusement. I kind find it funny when her and Willow have their exchange of stern words. Willow gets that aggressive streak going…mmm yummy, all Joan of Arc with the Ex demon metaphorical ass kicking, just give her a big ol’ sword. …Just trying out some more spicy talk...It’s really growing on me.

So anyway, Willow had gone to pick up some supplies and I was reading the newspaper at the kitchen table. Something caught my eye out of the window, so I put the paper down and got a little closer to the large window. I smiled seeing Kitty rolling around on the grass outside, she really is cute!

I continued watching her, stretching herself out and rolling about, occasionally lifting her paws to the heavens trying to snare bugs on their way past. She stopped, sitting up and looking toward the apartments, but she wasn’t looking up at me – she was looking towards the path and I followed her gaze. Mrs Potter emerged. Oh Goddess – here we go!

Something completely unbelievable happened right then, I watched through the pane totally transfixed to the scene unfolding, Kitty yawned and threw herself back onto her side. Mrs Potter approached, leant over….and then started tickling Miss Kitty’s tummy!! I knew it! I knew I knew, I don’t know how but I just knew it. Softy, big softy. Mrs Potter was petting our kitty cat without a care in the world. I couldn’t wait to for Willow to return, Just to see the look on her face when I told her.

In an instant they both turned to look at a rustling coming from the shrubs at the end of the garden, Kitty sprang to her feet and her ears went back, she started hissing at the movement. I heard an ‘Oh My’ from Mrs Potter before she staggered back a little. In a flash I was out the door and into the garden standing by our neighbor.

“What’s that?” she asked as she stepped a little closer to my side, I squinted – trying to shield my eyes from the sun as I tried to make out the figures hiding in the bushes.
I saw a flash of green scales but the disappeared as quickly as I had caught sight of them.
“Stay here.” I looked to Mrs Potter and she nodded. I edged forward to the dense vegetation and froze as I caught another glimpse of the figure hiding. I soon realised there were more than one of whatever they were lurking there. I had my hand in front of me, ready to discreetly cast if I needed to – what I was going to cast I hand no idea. But as I stepped forward once more the rustling became more intense and with a flash of green the creatures bolted over the fence. I turned back to Mrs Potter; she looked as white as a sheet. I placed my hand on her arm.

“Mrs Potter, are you okay? Maybe I should take you inside?” She was still staring at the fence, mouth slightly open.

“There was a report on the news this morning…T-t-two Iguanas escaped from their compound….last night.” I knew it was a terrible lie, but I was hoping she would buy it. She turned to me swallowed and then smiled a little at me.

“I knew we had Vampires here but I had no idea we also had creepy crawly things running around in the daytime as well!”

I eyes went wide, before I had even managed to mumble any kind of reply she spoke again. “Please honey, close your mouth – you’ll catch flies…I’ve lived here all my life…I know about things.” I slowly began to smile and nodded. See? Hell Central..Things happen, sometimes they are a lot more creepy than the average blood sucking fiend.

I turned to the fence and then back to Mrs Potter. “We should get inside, I have no idea what they were, but hiding in the bushes and Kitty hissing usually means these things aren’t too friendly.” I swallowed and turned around. “Are you okay Mrs Potter?”

Her grin widened. “I’m fine, call me Gladys…Well with nasty crawly things out it looks like the fire poker is coming back out of retirement.” I smiled and we both made our way back to the apartments. I walker her to her door.

“If you need anything, we’re across the hall okay?” I tipped my head to the side. She nodded at me, opened her door and stepped inside.

“Oh, make sure you tell Willow what you saw out there, don’t want anything happening to you girls now.” With that she closed the door behind her.

Sly old fox – she’s not half as daft as she made out to be. I opened our door and Kitty padded in before me. I wonder if Willow was having as strange day as I was?
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