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I've got a Crossbow, just show me where to point it

The demons were closing down on us from all sides. Fight or Flight time and seeing as we were nowhere near finding Willow, flight was not an option.

“Okay so this wasn’t exactly how I visualised my game of Uno with Dawn and my hot cocoa before a nice early night.” Buffy sighed then shrugged. “Oh well, just call me poseable Evil action fighting Buffy.”

I nodded, tightening my grip on the crossbow – breathing heavily. The situation didn’t look good in anyway. The odds were particularly well stacked up for the lizard men. But Buffy’s the slayer and …well I was pretty much just pissed.

The closest Lizard jumped straight for Buffy, claws and teeth bared. Buffy sidestepped it and watched it sprawl across the grass, kicking it in the ass for good measure. The next two rushed me, one furiously swinging at my head. I ducked and shot a bolt into the throat of the second, then used the crossbow to hit the first one around the head, repeatedly. I got a smile and a raised triumphant fist from Buffy at my handiwork.

The second wave of Lizards stepped forward, there must have been ten or twelve in this pack and they certainly looked a lot fiercer than first group. I nodded – my attention on the group just behind the slayer. “Okay we’re forgetting about the Lizard men; let’s focus on the Lizard men.”

One jumped onto Buffy’s back and she flipped it over before stomping her boot into its throat. Its last movements were a combination of twitches and minute gurgles before it slumped. I took out the second with another bolt. But they just kept coming. One grabbed my arm and squeezed tightly on my bandages and I yelped in pain. I turned into the lizards hold and pressed a palm flat into its torso. I closed my eyes and tried to block out the pain from my forearm and focus on the palm. The lizard screeched and let go of me, the place where my hand had been was scorched and blackened.

“Neat, …I’ve heard Will call you hot lips under her breath before but I had no idea it extended further.” Buffy shouted over the hissing with a smirk and a waggle of the eye brows. I blushed just a little then grinned back.

Buffy swung a roundhouse kick to the next, connecting with the creature’s chin with a crunch, throwing it backwards into the path of two more. I prepared to fire another bolt into the chest of the next oncoming but was unaware of the one by the side me – knocking me off of my feet, the bolt hit the Lizard in front in the ankle and it hissed before pulling the bolt out and limping away to the bushes. I rolled as the next pounced. Buffy leapt through the air and knocked it flying from me and into a headstone, smashing it in two.

“You okay?” Buffy asked a concerned look on her face. She offered me a hand. I nodded, brushing off the grass and leaves and trying desperately to catch my breath. “We should head out and find Willow.” She edged.

“We can follow that.” I nodded to the bushes where the Lizard I had caught in the ankle was nursing its wounds. Buffy smiled and silently motioned to me to approach from one side whilst she took the other. When we were close enough she rushed into the bushes, chasing out the Lizard.

We let it get ahead of us, but we weren’t concerned as it was leaving a trail of blood for us to follow. On our journey we would see it every so often hunched over, trying to gnaw at its own damaged appendage completely unaware we were tracking it. Finally we ended up in the cemetery across town. It stopped, curiously sniffing the air around it before disappearing under a crypt. We waited for it to slide down the oversized and partially concealed rabbit hole before we approached. Buffy peered into the hole.

“Can’t see a damn thing…Oh well.” She dived into the entrance. I held my breath for the longest of moments before Buffy reappeared, popping her head up and startling me.

I lowered my head a little to have a look for myself. “What’s down there?”

“Apart from a really rank stench and piles of animal bones?”

I nodded in anticipating her answer.

“A really long tunnel that I’m thinking is going to take us just where we wanna be.”

I raised a brow quizzically. “Just call me Ms Big-with- the-intuition.” She shrugged.

Pulling the crossbow’s strap over my head I jumped down into the entrance and crouched, the tunnel was barely tall enough for us to stoop in and suddenly I felt more than a little claustrophobic as little lines of dirt fell from above my head. Buffy rustled around in her pocket and pulled out a tiny pen light, she held it in her mouth, biting down and securing it with her teeth. She started to crawl forward, pushing the broadsword just in front of her. I followed.

We clawed through the tunnel for about an hour before it seemed to widen. There was noise, but I couldn’t see anything in front of us. We both climbed out of the tunnel and looked around to find ourselves in a dark cavernous space. I turned and caught a glimpse of light just to the right of us. I motioned to Buffy who brushed herself off a little before taking the light from her mouth and shining it to the direction I was pointing. There was a metal step ladder leading up about eight or nine foot to another chamber. I started cautiously up the steps. There were candles burning in this area and the noises were much louder.

The hissed became clearer. There was an arch leading into another area so I moved quickly to the wall to remain concealed from the next room, mostly hidden by the darkened corner of the new cavern. Buffy reached the top of the ladder and paused, dropping her head slightly from the hole and began to watch the sight before us.

The lizard was crouched at the other end of the room, shaking its head in some sort of communication with someone, but I couldn’t see who. A cigarette butt was thrown to the floor.

“On their way?....perfect…see Red, your friends as predictable as ever. Should have nicked myself a bottle of something nice and strong cos it looks like I’ll be celebrating tonight.”

And then I saw here, curled on the floor, her jaw set in a determined and firm line. My Willow, I could see the tracks of tears on her dirty face, her hands tied together with rope. All I wanted to do was to go to her and hold her. I looked to Buffy, she shook her head and leapt from the steps and hid next to me.

“Oh for Bloody hell’s sake, will you stop chewing on that! It’s disgusting, you’ve done your bit now sod off!” Spike growled at the lizard tearing chunks out of it’s own leg around it’s wound. I felt my stomach turn just at the sounds.

Willow waited for Spike’s attention to be focused on the Lizard and pushed herself up from the floor, Spike turned and she kicked him as hard as she could swing in the shin. He howled in pain. Buffy turned to me and smiled before mouthing ‘just like Xander said.’

Then we burst through to the next room.
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