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A big rescue

I was beginning to feel a bit worried. Lightheaded too. Spike was going on and on about something, something about lizards and men and what he was going to do.

I don't know what exactly happened, but the door was kicked in and when I glanced up from the ropes I had been tied to the back wall of Spike's crypt, I saw Buffy and Tara. "Buffy! Tara! I'm over here!"

"Willow, we're coming hold on!" Buffy called out and she started to charge Spike but then these lizard men jumped in the way and they started to toss her around and she kicked back. Oh goddess, Tara and Buffy were surrounded at me.

Spike smirked at me, "Looks like the Slayer and your witchy girlfriend are going to have their hands full. Right doesn't matter," as he glared at me.

Ok I so had enough of him. I kicked him. Where you know the sun wouldn't shine of course if he was human. He hurled back. I played around with the ropes a bit, tugging them as hard as I could but they wouldn't budge.

He flailed backwards for a moment. "Why you soddin' bint!"

He moved forward quickly and slapped me. Ok I was getting more than a little annoyed and my wrists were starting to kill me. I could make out that Buffy was dealing with the lizard men as best as she could with Tara. I had to keep Spike busy until they could get to me.

"Well that's right big boy, I'm a bint, but what are you going to do about it?" I spit in his face.

He grabbed me hard by the jaw and raked his fingers over my eyes. "Right then, that, I've had enough of your damn stupid babble for one day."

He tried to hit me again but again I hit with my shoes and such and I felt the ropes start to give way a little.

I heard the smacking of a lizard man go flying right against the wall near me and Spike tried to grab me to hit me but Buffy grabbed his arm and punched him. "Hello Spike, miss me?" She head butted him. "Hey Willow."

"Hi Buffy, thanks for coming." She swung Spike around. "Oh you know I was in the neighborhood."

"Slayer, I was waiting for you," he tried to punch her and Buffy blocked. "Wait no more." So they were in a tussle and I saw Tara chop a lizard guy with an axe and I telepathically called to her.

Tara, I'm over here!

Tara swung hard. My baby's gotten real feisty with an axe. She came over to me while Spike was busy with Buffy and cut me down. "My Willow."

Buffy smacked Spike some more, knocking him out cold for the time being. "Are you two alright?"

I nodded. "Uh huh, now would be a good time to leave."

Tara nodded as well. "I'm going with the leaving too."

We all started for the kicked in door and that's when I heard Spike laugh. "Ohhh Slayer, might want to stick around. Party's just getting started."

Buffy turned around quickly folding her arms. "Sorry, I think this is sort of a private affair."

And that's when I saw the last few remaining lizard men sort of walk together and then they merged, which was really creepy. "Uh Buffy, I think they weren't on the guest list."

She arched her neck towards the lizard demon. "You guys go, I'll take care of this."

"No Buffy, whatever they are, you need help too."

"I'm with Willow, Buffy those lizard guys, I mean they are tough. Even for you, maybe?" Tara looked at Buffy with concern.

She turned to us quickly as the giant lizard opened it's mouth and began to shoot kind of some sort of goo at us. Buffy darted. "Ok I'm saying no slime. You guys see if you can work some magic or something, and I'll try to distract it."

She went charging and somersaulted kicked at it. Tara looked at me with alarm. "Any ideas Willow, I'm totally willing to listen."

"Well it's obvious they are kind of joined together. If we can separate them again that would make it easier for Buffy to take care of them. I say we do a disjoining spell."

Buffy was having a wild time of an affair, and not in a good way. The goo was flying every where. Green icky disgusting and boy did it smell bad. "Ok I'm guessing this isn't a good cream rinse, so hurry guys!"
She continued her assault, jabbing and punching.

I joined hands with Tara. I tried to think of something in Latin. Goddess why do the rituals always have to be in Latin! I'm so bad at it! Damn it. "Te impore…" I felt the energy between Tara and I go through it and I stared at the demons. "Ah screw it. Demons separate and become less than one!"

I opened my palm and hit them with an energy burst and sure enough they separated and turned into tiny sized iguanas.

Buffy smirked at them leaning down. "Well I suppose I could take you guys to the pet store but I'm thinking," She took her knife and sliced them hard. "No."

I separated from Tara and I walked over to Buffy. "Guess Spike took off."

Buffy sighed. "As usual. He never sticks around for anything." She had goo all over her face and she cleaned it off using her free hand. "Looks like I'm coming out in firm favor of a nice clean shower."

Tara smiled. "Green's not your color, that's Willow's."

I laughed and we left the crypt.
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