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Winding down

Arms, legs and heads.

All over the floor. Littering the crypt, we were up to our knees in them.

I mean you’ve heard of lizards like the Blue-tailed Skink that can shed their tails to distract predators whilst they make a speedy escape, right? Well, the lizard guys shed

Arms, legs and heads.

But not voluntarily…oh no…we hacked them off. Which really is incredibly gross and messy, and I loved my shirt, I’ve had it for years…Willow bought it for me – but I think I’m gonna have to burn it. But the worst part of it all? The bits continued to wriggle around all over the floor, for ages. Buffy wrinkled her nose at the sight of the wriggling appendages.

“Well that easily beats anything I’ve ever seen to the crown of YUCK.” Buffy snorted as she prodded at one of the waving arms with the tip of her shoe.

Willow tried her best to brush herself only to run her hand through more slime and spread it further over sweater. “EWW still a contender if you ask me.” I felt a smile tug at the corner of my mouth. My Willow, my beautiful best friend – for the most part unharmed and still showing her humor. Oh happy day.

I heard an ‘Argh’ next to me as I turned to see Buffy lift her foot, the long trails of slime hanging from underneath.

“That’s why I started wearing cheap sneakers for patrol with ya.” I giggled; she grimaced and rolled her eyes at me. “Not easing the pain of my wallet, smarty pants. There were Italian!”

Willow raised a brow and tipped her head. “Okay, American Italian.” Buffy offered.

Willow crossed her arms and Buffy pouted. “Look the guy in the back of the truck said they were very expensive and I was getting a bargain and he totally looked like one of the Sopranos!”

I put my arms around Willow, holding her tight. “Okay you know you’ve just covered yourself in ick now don’t you?” I heard her mumble into my neck. “Don’t care.” I replied.

Buffy joined in our hug. “You know you had us worried there Will.”

“Very worried and totally crazy.” I added.

Buffy squeezed a little tighter. “Uh huh, I’ll never go near your girlfriend when she’s holding that crossbow Will.” Buffy lifted her head and looked at me with a sweet smile. She stepped back. “Where were your Merry Men hiding, Ms Hood?”

“All looking for Merry Women, cos they weren’t going to get any from me.” I replied with a smirk.
I could feel Willow stifling a giggle. Buffy’s eyes widened playfully. “Tara! You’re so innocent and pure; please don’t destroy all I hold dear!”

Willow snorted, her face still buried into my neck. “You really have no idea.”

I playfully dramatized my hurt look and she pulled away grinning.

Buffy turned and headed for the door. “We should get back, Xander and Dawn are probably arguing over what to watch on TV again.”

“I think Xander was right though, Sesame Street. You’ve got to go with the classics right?” Willow stated. “Elmo…now there’s a role model.”

We walked back to Buffy’s just like the old days, slightly worse for wear after a night out.

“What do you mean, you’re not getting smooched by anyone?!” Willow looked incredulously at Buffy.

Buffy shrugged. “I guess, I’m not too worried about having a guy around, I have Xander around most of the time and I just pretend I can’t open lids on jars just so he feels useful.”

“Well go you, Miss Independence – go out solo and have a wild kick ass time” A wicked grin appeared on Willow’s face. “Then when you’ve finished patrol…you could go out and actually have some fun.” Buffy playfully swatted Willow and we carried on to the house.

We stepped through the door, Xander and Dawn at the door waiting for any sign of Willow. They pounced on her ask soon as they locked eyes on her. She was lost in the middle of their bear hug, after the initial shock, Willow smiled sheepishly.

“I knew you’d be okay.” Xander whispered, before he placed a kiss on her forehead. He then turned to me, still gripping on tightly before raising a brow.

I smiled before nodding. “She gave him hell. Just like you said.”

After much fussing and chatter, Xander decided whilst we were all together again, he would host one of his fun and game nights at Buffy’s.

Dawn huffed as she watched the dice roll across the table and stopped on a two. “Geez now I have to start all over, damn your spear trap Buffy!” Xander cackled at Dawn’s demise.

“Some how I wasn’t really imagining a whole night of Dungeons and Dragons as the fun and games you implied earlier. I’m pretty sure I had visions of putting on my best shoes and a hot steppin’ at the Bronze.” Willow pouted. “Remember that place we always go to…The Bronze?”

“Awww, c’mon Wills – you’re diggin’ it.” Xander laughed.
Dawn giggled. “Diggin’ it? What are you, early 90’s boy?”

Buffy picked up the dice. “Yeah nothing better than winding down from a night of monster bashing …with……imaginary monster bashing. Besides Willow barely understands the rules and she’s the brains around here!”

Willow nodded thumbing through the second volume of the game manual. “I will never moan about research again, ever. I’ll be totally studious, no distractions.” She turned to me with a smirk.

Xander also turned to me, I remember the day he caught Willow and I being ‘studious’ together in the training room, alone. The research material long discarded as well as a few clothes and I tell you, that boy put my blushing to shame. It certainly wasn’t the reaction I would have expected from him and I tried not to laugh when he fell over the horse because his hand was too closely held over his eyes. I smiled at the memory.

“Don’t you think it makes it scary though? Knowing that at least half of these beasties are real.” Xander said, trying to change the subject and looking decidedly pink.

Buffy shook her head as she watched Xander swiftly rearranged the playing board. “No, what I find scary is that you’re the Dungeon Master cos I know how much you cheat.”

“Am not!” He protested.

Dawn countered in her best childish voice. “Are too!”

“Ahem. Do you want me to separate you two?” I offered.

Xander turned to me, rubbing his hands together. “Okay Tare, roll that dice, I want to see what that ‘Walter the wizard’ you got there will do next. Being a wizard with staff like that must really attract the chicks.”

“Yay me.” I said with a smirk.
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