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Confronting my greatest fear

So I left. Vanished. Had to get away. Tara pretty much wasn't listening to me or so I thought. Ok, so maybe I'm not quite as good as Buffy with the storming off, but I can be when I want to be. I had to clear my head because I was really seriously afraid something might happen if I didn't.

As I made it to a clearing near the lake, I began to gather my thoughts. Began to piecemeal them together, one by one. I felt a breeze go through my hair. The wind shift. There was an energy flowing through me. I knew somehow I had to get past this. But how? It wasn't like studying for a test or reading a magic book to find a spell? This was me, being split right down the middle. I wasn't a superhero, like Buffy, I'm just me. And I can always hear Buffy saying, "Just be you Willow." Much like Tara does.

The difference though is that I had been attacked without any kind of agenda except to be hurt. I had to try to figure a way out of the dark back into the light, I suppose.

So anyway yes, the wind was going, the stars were out and before I could think further I heard the moans of Dawnie screaming. A thought quickly passed through me, "Tara!" I could feel something evil in my veins. It's part of me the magic and this campground was full of it.

I ran as fast as I could back to the campground. What I saw was some kind of swirling blue energy all around. It hurled Dawnie up against a tree, she was cut. Tara was bound. I curled my fist. My baby was hurt cause I wasn't here. Dammit I thought. Damn it.

The energy swirled around me and it was in my head! "GET OUT OF HERE WITTTTTCCCH! THIS IS NOT YOUR CONCERN!"

It hurled me back against another tree, the leaves splattering all over the place. I felt blood pouring out of my nose.

"Willow," I heard Tara sigh. "Willow!"

The energy picked me up again and hurled me. Far. Dawnie was screaming and then she grew silent. Again, I wasn't sure how this was happening but something had to be done. "LEAVE HERE NOW DARK MAGICK GIRL, LEAVE HERE!" It was calling to me. Something was feeding it. Was it me?

I was face first in the dirt. I managed to get to my feet. Somehow. The magic had manifested itself into some kind of human form, but it was kind of transparent. It's firey eyes glaring back at me. I could feel it all, feel its pain surging through me. I wanted to lash out. Wanted to make it stop.

"Get out of my head!" I hurled back and opened my palm trying to form some kind of energy ball. This didn't cause it to move and in fact caused it to get stronger.

It clutched Tara by the throat squeezing her energy out of her. Her goodness. My baby. My everything.
"Willow," she gasped. "You have to fight, fight."

I'm not the fighter. Buffy is, but it was starting to come clear to me that I couldn't just sit back anymore and let this pain overtake me.

I channeled everything I could into a single solitary moment. Tried to focus all of the dark energy out of me. "Drop her now, it's me you want," I called, standing with my legs spread, defensively. "I'm the one with the darkness. Take me."

The energy dropped Tara. "You are weak Witch. You are full of hate. Give into it and let go!"

Oh goddess, could this guy be any more Darth Vader? "Sorry no, I kind of missed that movie, you know Star Wars, but we can play now."

I opened my arms and felt the white light go through me. Pure, unadulterated light and hurled it at the energy form. It clutched, it grabbed but I finally let go. Let go of the pain. But not in a dark form. In a pure white light form.

Suddenly the energy dissipated and I fell backwards, slumping over. My nose fully bleeding.

Tara crawled over to me and picked me up. "Willow, baby, willow. You did it?"

I nodded and passed out.
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