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Settling down

Well, I think after our foray into camping, Tara and I will be staying home for some time to come. But you know, I feel pretty darn good about things. We survived, we got closer, it was all in all a good trip, despite the whole, being attacked by spirits of the forest deal.

Dawn I believe had a good time too.

So now that we're back at home, I guess it's back to the regular sort of thing. But you know sometimes I wonder what is regular around here? Not like anything is quite so normal in Sunnydale that's for sure.

Buffy of course wanted to hear about all the trip details and all so I met up with her the other day over our ritual mochas at the Espresso Pump finding our usual stools.

"Sooo Will, Dawn tells me it wasn't quite so boring with the trees and leaves after all?" she grinned at me and then sipped her coffee.

"Nope, I can just about guarantee that it wasn't all foresty nature that's for sure."

"But Dawn tells me you really came through for Tara and her in the end and I can't tell you me not being there, that's pretty big Willow."

I took a long foamy sip on my mocha. "Thanks Buffy, I mean, not that I was Super Will or anything, cause um, you're the hero and all and such."

Buffy tilted my head at me. "Come on you know you're always more than just sidekick gal and you did well and I'm guessing Tara was pretty happy too."

I lifted my eyes upward. "There might've been some post-camping trip happiness yes."

We talked a little more after that and then Buffy had to go and I headed on home. It's nice how our friendship really has gotten even closer than I could've dreamed.

I came back to the apartment thereafter and saw that Xander had called. Tara was outside and I went to the back porch and saw she was petting Miss Kitty and I just laid my head on her shoulder.

"Have a good time with Buffy, sweetie?" she asked me while taking another hand and caressing my cheek.

I nodded. "Yes, I did. It's good to be home though."

She kissed my cheek. "Indeed it is."
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