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Why I don't live with my parents

The New Year often brings resolutions. Now if you ask me, mine's just to keep doing what I'm doing, maybe actually do some more reading because I'm still all about the book knowledge gal. Oh yes, and not to die in Sunnydale. It's always a bonus.

So after Ms. Potter stopped by and gave us those awful cookies, I thought Tara and I could've spent some quality time just relaxing. But no it wasn't to be really because the next thing I heard was another knock at the door. Tara was in the kitchen cleaning up the great cookie disaster from Ms. Potter and then came back in and we were about to engage in some well New Year's celebrations of our own and then there was a knock.

I answered it and my jaw dropped. It had to have been some evil vampire. No wait, it was the middle of the day, hence no vampire. I thought possibly maybe demon. But they are usually not so polite with a knock. No it was something far worse than all of this put together.

It was mom.

Sheila Rosenberg in the flesh. At our apartment door. "Hello Willow."

Tara came out of the kitchen and looked at me, "Sweet-oh. Hi Mrs. Rosenberg."

"Hello girls, I was in the neighborhood, thought I'd drop in for a visit. I know I usually call but there wasn't much time. Aren't you going to let me in Willow?"

I tried not whimper towards Tara. She just gave me a look of be nice Willow this won't go so badly.

Sure, I thought. As long as mom isn't enchanted by some demon who wanted to burn me at the stake that one time and Buffy along with Amy, we're just fine. "Sure Mom. No problem at all."

It didn't take long for my mom to give her opinion about where Tara and I lived. She went on about how the place was a mess. Tara couldn't take it and finally interrupted with, "Mrs. Rosenberg, can I get you som tea?"

"Oh that would be very productive of you Tara. Thank you." Mom sat on the couch glancing at me.

Guess I was on my own here. No saving from the great girlfriend.

"Mom, not that I'm not happy to see you," total lie continued in my head, I thought sitting across from her on a chair. "But what brought the prompt visit, I mean you usually do call. Not that I was expecting a call, but it would've been nice to at least um, prepare. Yes prepare for a visit."

"Willow, that's exactly why I came. You never call your father or I, and we haven't even seen that Bunny or Xander friend of yours in ages. I was worried that you were disappointing us again, with your friends."

I took a deep breath. "Mom, it's Buffy. And maybe this is why I don't call. I better go see if Tara needs help with the tea."

I got up from my chair and sighed going into the kitchen. "She's impossible," I muttered under my breath. "I mean, completely this is so unfair. I mean here she is showing up, without even calling us. Who does she think she is? The president. I mean it's ridiculous."

"Will?" Tara was fixing up the tea with bags. She came over to me and pulled me into a hug. "She's your mom. We'll get through this. Together. I promise." She kissed me softly on the forehead.

I smiled softly. My baby always knew how to reassure me. We headed in there with one thing on my mind. To be well, better. Better than before. Just one problem. My mom still doesn't know I'm gay and doesn't know that I'm with Tara.

She brought the tea out and placed it in front of my mom. "Thank you so much Tara. You're always so polite. Perhaps Willow could learn a thing or two."

Tara didn't say much except thank you and ducked her head and pulled up a chair next to me. "It's n-n-nice to see you Mrs. Rosenberg."

My mom said nothing and sipped her tea. And this is when I spoke up. "Mom there's something I need to tell you."

"Oh Willow, please let it be that you're not dating some musician again."

I took a deep breath. "Oh Oz, no, he's long gone."

"Thank goodness, he seemed a bit strange."

A brief memory stirred in me about Oz. "No he wasn't. He just was stoic, that's not the point. Mom, Tara and I have known each other a long time."

"Yes and she's simply a lovely girl." Tara glanced upwards and smiled softly.

"She is. But she's my girl." Somehow I didn't think my mom was going to take this like Buffy did.

"Your girl? What do you mean-oh." My mom nearly dropped her tea cup and then stood up. I felt Tara's hand go instantly for mine, squeezing it. "Willow that's impossible. I think I liked it better when you were dating that Oz."

I shook my head. "No, it's not impossible. Mom we've been going out since college. Can't you see we're happy?"

She took a deep breath. "Willow that's not the point. Your father and I have studied a child's mind for years. You do not know of the things your saying."

I stood up and so did Tara. "I think I do. No wait I do know. Mom.."

She quickly grabbed her coat and headed for the door. "Mom wait."

"I think I've heard enough. Wait until your father hears this. You haven't learned anything we've taught you Willow. You've forgotten your manners and I blame Bunny!" She opened the door and slammed it shut behind her.

"Well. That went well didn't it?" I sighed.
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